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This year’s Theme:

A new


Bright Futures is

The only conference for High school students that put students and experts in the same room.

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About us

The Church of Salvation is dedicated to fostering opportunities for the marginalized within our nearby community to enhance their lives. Over the course of the last five and a half years, we have pursued this objective by means of our initiatives aimed at aiding individuals and families experiencing homelessness and financial hardships. In the current year alone, we have successfully accommodated more than 70 individuals who were previously homeless through our shelter program. Additionally, our monthly food drive has supplied food packages to numerous families in San Diego. Our 'For I Was' grocery stipend program has further assisted hundreds of struggling families in meeting their monthly grocery expenses. Our mission is inclusive, encompassing individuals of all age groups, ethnicities, orientations, and beliefs.

What Is Bright Futures?

At the Church of Salvation, we hold the belief that dedicating efforts towards the youth is of paramount importance for shaping the future. In the upcoming Spring of 2024, we are excited to announce our inaugural Bright Futures Conference. This event will bring together a hundred students and their parents from the local area, providing them with a unique chance to engage and gain knowledge from a diverse selection of career experts. This platform will enable students to establish valuable connections, explore potential job opportunities and internships, and acquire insights into their chosen fields of interest. Our panel of professionals represents a wide spectrum of industries, encompassing fields such as medical and research, business and finance, engineering, and education.

Starry and Bright Sky

The Conference

Bright Futures comprises a full-day event commencing at 9 AM and concluding at 5 PM. Enrolled students will have the opportunity to select and enroll in courses instructed by our team of professionals. Within these sessions, students will acquire insights into the requisite skills and methodologies pertinent to different areas of interest. They will also receive guidance on tailoring their resumes and cover letters to align with their prospective career paths. Additionally, students will be provided with the chance to subscribe to email lists delivering job and internship openings directly to their inboxes.

Subjects include :

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Our speakers will talk about s what it takes to get in the sports arena.

Business, Business, competition, Competition, Marketing


Our speakers will talk about the different components of business from starting a business to the struggles.

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These speakers will talk about what is needed and required to be the best in this field

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Physical & Mental Health professionals will be speaking about the job as well as how to maintain.



Our speakers will talk about their love of education and how to excel at being a teacher or a professor

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Our speakers will talk about their love of music and how to get into the business and what to look out for.

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Bright Futures

will set you up for your future

but this is an invite only event!

Students will be nominated by their schools to represent their schools!

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5pm - end

1pm - Lunch

11am - Breakout

9am - welcome

3pm - Breakout

2pm - Breakout

4pm - Finale

12pm - Breakout

10am - Breakout

Order of events

Students who visit 5 breakout rooms and got their card stamped will be enterented into a raffle.

Resume workshops will be available at lunch.

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Keynote Speaker

Montrez Williams

CEO of

Premier Mobile Services


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More details will be coming soon

including what schools got invites

WHo is sponsoring and more